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In order to ensure that the gameplay is enjoyable for everyone at Zagan Square we expect all players to follow the rules. If you are caught breaking the rules it may result in a temporary or permanent banishment of your account.

We also reserve us the right to temporary or permanently ban your account for any reason, however you can reduce that risk of that happening to nil by following the rules. Please take your time and read the rules before playing.

Category Rule
Bug Exploitation Deliberate and malicious exploitation of bugs to gain an advantage over other players are strictly forbidden. Some examples follow:
  • Server exploits
  • Intentionally causing the game to crash
  • Gold and item manipulation
If you encounter any bug, it must be reported using the report function immediately. You can also attempt to contact a gamemaster ingame if you consider the bug to be critical.
Impersonating Zagan Square Staff Impersonation of Zagan Square Staff to intimidate or otherwise gain an advantage over other players is strictly prohibited.
Bad Character Name Racially offensive, sexually explicit, or profane nicknames may be reported and recommended for a name change.
Gameplay Third-party software that performs actions for you (also known as Bots)
Performing actions such as killing monsters or casting spells while being idle from the game is never tolerated.

Keep in mind that using third-party software to control at least one character while you are logged into other characters will always mean that you are idle on at least one of them, as you can not actively play on several characters at the same time. In such situations, all of the characters you are logged into are violating the rules.

Interesting note: It is not illegal to use a bot to assist your gameplay as long as you aren't idle from the game and it doesn't violate any other rule.

Using third-party software to run gambling or "trust" games
You are not allowed to use third-party software in order to run gambling or "trust" games at the depot, we are enforcing this rule to prevent possibly modified "casino bots" taking up all the depot slots.

Interesting note: You are allowed to run a casino in other areas, for example in a house. You should also avoid so called "trust" games, they are usually demonstrated between friends to look real, but once you trust the player with valuable items they will be stolen from you.
Public Chat Channels and Advertising Inappropiate usage of public chat channels is prohibited and may result in a punishment.

The advertising chat may be used for three things:
  • Advertising a trade of ingame items
  • Advertising that you are selling or buying a house for ingame gold/items
  • Advertising quest services
  • U can't selling items in-game for real money. You can get a ban for this
Help Channel
You are only allowed to use the help channel in order to ask/answer questions about Zagan Square and its gameplay. Inappropiate usage of the help channel may result in a temporary mute.

World Chat
This is where you are free to chat about almost anything.

What is not allowed in World Chat?
  • Insulting, harassing or racist statements:
    If you have personal problems with another player, deal with it in private. Harassing a player in World Chat will only put you in trouble, even if the other player has offended you in private. If you are lucky, you might get away with a warning; if that isn't enough to make you stop it will lead to a banishment.
  • Sexually related statements:
    Keep in mind that there are children that play Zagan Square too, sexually related statements may not be suitable for them and will therefore not be tolerated in public chat channels.
English Chat:
The same rules as the World Chat apply to the English Chat, with one additional rule: English only.
Shop Agreement This agreement applies when you make a purchase in the shop, you are entitled to honor and follow this agreement when using our service and you agreed to this when creating your account.

  • Shop Coins
    Shop coins are a virtual currency on Zagan Square that only can be exchanged for virtual items listed in the shop.
  • Authorized Payment
    You must be authorized to make the payment from the phone or PayPal account you are using, if you are under the age of 18 you are entitled to ask your legal parents for permission before you make a purchase.
  • Lost Items Responsibility
    We will not be held responsible for any issue that appears during your payment, or if you for any reason lose your shop coins or any item you have obtained in the shop.
  • No Guarantee
    We reserve us the right to change any attributes of any items at all times, if you purchase an item and an attribute changes we do not owe you a refund or any coins back.
  • Refund Policy
    Due to the nature of virtual goods, there is no refund policy.
  • Payment Gateways
    The payment gateways are not run by us. If you were charged for a transaction and didn't receive your shop coins, the problem is usually between you and the payment gateway. You are therefore more likely to solve such issues by contacting the payment gateway. For ZayPay issues, mail customercare@zaypay.com. For PayPal issues, mail us at support@Zagan Square.net.
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