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Account Features
FeatureFree AccountPremium Account
Shared Experience in Party
Access Boats
Use all spells
Create Guilds
Become vice leader in guilds
Access Carpets
Promotion of vocation
Command !light, infinite light
Buy Houses
You get 10% more experience.
Loot info message

How to become Premium Account
You can buy it from the shop while being logged in to the website.

If you are unable to buy Premium Account yourself, you can always buy a Premium Account scroll from players online which will give you 14,30 days of Premium Account when you use it.
But notice that the ingame price may vary a lot depending on who's selling and how many sells/buys.
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Magic Light Wand Quest
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[Quest] DHQ 100lvl+
Slumilioner04-10-2020, 08:45 PM

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