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Server Information
Client: 7.6 Custom -
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Location: France
PVP Protection: Level 8. You will not be able to participate in PVP until you reach level 8.
Exp stages: 1-8 10x
8-20 8x
20-40 6x
40-60 5x
60-80 4x
80-100 3x
100-130 2x
130+ 1.5x
Skill Rate: 3x
Magic Level Rate: 2x
Loot Rate: 2x
Houses: There are currently 148 houses available to be bought. There is no monthly rent, but if your character has been offline for more than 30 days you will lose your house due to inactivity.
Frags: Frags to get red skull: 4
It takes 6 hours for a frag to disappear, and you will have a PZ lock for 15 minutes if you kill someone.
Others: Cap system: On
Learning spells: On
Muted system: On
Summon system: On
Bless system: On
Promotion system: On
Field spells: On
AFK kick time: 15 min.
Commands: !buyhouse - Buy a house.
!sellhouse - Sell a house.
!leavehouse - Leave a house.
!online - List of players online.
!frags - How many unjustified kills you have.
!light - Infinite light for premium accounts
!bless - How many blessings on your character are active.
!share - Activate shared experience. Level divergence(High level in party*2/3)+1 level
!mana - Mana spent needed to next level up.
!exp - Experience needed to next level up.
!pz - Shows information about pz time.
!task - Shows current task.
Global Save: 5:00 (CEST)
Status: Online
Server Uptime: 16h 52m
0 players online
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