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#8 Small updates 19:40 - September 22, 2020

Dear Players,

In the days we've rolled out a small map update. We've added Hellspawn, Black Mage and Medusa respawn. Due to the low number of players, the walls pits of inferno for each profession have been unlocked. We improved the exori and exori gran spells. Some new respawns will be added soon, as well as new monsters for the task!.



#7 Small update server! 14:48 - September 12, 2020

Dear Players,

At 15:00 CEST, server update is coming. You will need to download a new game client from the site. In today's update, we introduced the Pits of Inferno quest which is located in Jamaica. You need level 100 to complete it. In addition, in the coming days I expect a new area and new hunting grounds. We want to introduce new monsters such as: hellspawns, medusa, frozemoths, elder hydra, elder wyrm, black mage, ghastly dragon. In the near future, monsters from Pits of Inferno will be added to the tasks, and the new monsters that will be introduced to the game will also be on the list of tasks. We've also added some new items that will be available from quests and new monsters.




Upcoming server update! 14:26 - September 9, 2020

Dear Players,

A major server update is coming. We improved a few hunting grounds on the map, we will add a new quest Pits of Inferno which will be located on the Jamaica island. We've added some new monsters and new items. We are also working on releasing a new game client. From now on, spears do not fall to the ground and have little chance of breaking. This is a preview of the upcoming server update.


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